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Unique Intensive Two Weeks Workshop

in classical drawing and historical painting techniques

led by Joke Frima and Lukas Stofferis

Monday October 16 to Friday October 27 – 2023

AdA brings an intensive workshop in classical drawing and historical painting techniques.
Two weeks workshop in Burgundy (Morvan) France.

– During the mornings, Joke Frima instructs you in the application of the comparative measurement method, using a still life as a foundation, to accurately capture proportions and shape in your drawing. The drawing lays the basis for the painting thus much attention will be given to the study of the right form and tone value. By means of historical methods the drawing will be transferred on the painting panel. 

– In the afternoons Lukas Stofferis introduces historical oil painting techniques that start with the preparation of the panels. Furthermore he teaches the preparation of oil paint using a glass muller, natural pigments and refined linseed oil. You will learn how to use self-prepared oil paint by building up a painting in thin transparent layers in which the final colours are optical constructions rather than one dimensional colours of tube paint. 

– In the weekend we organise an excursion with a visit to an ocher quarry.

At the end of the two weeks, thanks to the teaching of drawing and painting, the students will go home with a piece of work painted with self made oil paints.

Monday October 16 to Friday October 27 -2023

The two weeks course classical drawing and historical painting techniques take place in the French country-side
16 Route de Chatin, Vissingy, Chaumard, France 58120

This 2 weeks workshop is €1000
Minimal 6 students to maximal 8 .
Most materials are included, we will ask you to bring your own brushes.
Food and lodging not included

There is a possibility stay in AdA building. There are 6 single guest-rooms with 2 shared kitchens and 2 shared bathrooms. They are €400 for 2 weeks.

Short bio Lukas Stofferis :
In the nineties Lukas Stofferis started to study old treatises on the preparation of artists’ paint. Through the study of Egyptian, Minoan, Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque writings he gained a deep understanding of the origins of historical painting methods. He then started to experiment for more than twenty years to fill in the details of the many niches found in both the books and in his own knowledge. By trial and error and with the help of many assistants he developed a credible and usable reconstruction and he started to teach tempera techniques, oil painting, wax painting, fresco, casein painting and many other techniques in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.

Short Bio Joke Frima:
The painter Joke Frima has lived in France for over 20 years. She was born in The Hague in the Netherlands, she studied Fine Arts in her country of origin from 1969 to 1973. Eager to continue her apprenticeship, she left to study drawing and painting in the prestigious studio of Nerina Simi, Florence, Italy. After a few years combining her studies with teaching, Joke Frima returned to the Netherlands in 1984 where she had a very successful career as an independent artist. Her work is now recognized worldwide and she wishes to devote herself once again to teaching and to pass on her know-how to future artists within her French association, AdA.

The workshop is concerned with the craft side of the visual arts drawing and painting. This knowledge as a skill serves as a tool for the artistic development of the artist and provides the fundamental basis for all visual arts.

This workshop was originally planned on for the beginning of september, but the construction of the new studio was taking longer than planned so it had to be postponed.