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Lo studente avanzato

The advanced student continues with the daily six hour atelier practice to further develop his skill and anchor it in his person. Because only a lot of practice leads to the skills being acquired. The discipline of working every day is, above all, important. It is important to keep drawing a lot and to study the tonal values very well. When the student has mastered the tonal values well, a start can be made with oil painting.

We immediately start with the full pallet of twelve colors on the pallet. It is recommended that you always use the same colors so that you can get to know them in their characteristics and behavior.

Translating tonality into color is the greatest conquest that must be achieved in the beginning. Also seeing colors in apparently fairly colorless things must be learned. The instructor provides expert feedback and is a guide to searching and seeing color and to translating tone into color.

Experiencing and seeing color is less objective than the tone values. Because there are personal characteristics of color experience and preference, it is important for the student to recognize and expand on this. In our curriculum, it is not the intention to shape everyone in a similar format. Only basic conditions must be met, such as, everything must be set up in a good proportion and a human figure must be maintained. anatomically justified.

Every day students practice life drawing or painting from the model utilising the  techniques being practiced in the stile drawing. The moment the student is well on the way to painting in a still life situation, he can start painting a life model.