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We are thrilled to announce the launch of the

AdA Apprenticeship program.

The AdA apprenticeship programme  is a programme  that offers specialised skill-based classical training for people wanting to learn to draw-paint, and who are looking to achieve a level of excellency in Contemporary Realism.

A selected group of motivated students will have the unique opportunity to learn under the tutelage and mentorship of Joke Frima (ARC Affiliated Artist ARCLM – Artiste Peintre – Présidente de l’association AdA – Art d’Apprendre)

Joke Frima was a student of Nerina Simi in Florence 1976-1984, subsequently she had a career as an independent artist. She has now decided to take up the legacy of Nerina Simi and devote herself to transmitting the skills she learned.

You can apply Apply Now for the program starting in September 2023. You must commit for a minimum of 3 months. AdA offers a Three Year Curriculum. €2000 a trimester, €5000 a year.