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About AdA

Who is the AdA programme for?

AdA wants to emphasise that it would like to guide young people starting out, but in principle, the programme is open to anyone of any age, nationality and background. The student/apprentice must have the desire to acquire the necessary skills to be able to make an accurate representation of nature. A certain degree of natural talent and good motivation count of course, but no experience is required.

International group of students

AdA would like to form an international group of students with serious intentions for the full time programme of three years and in addition, there will also be room for people who want to connect to the atelier-school AdA for a shorter period of time. But it must be at least one entire trimester. The part-time student will work in the same group as the full-time students, but will be individually taught and advised and have an individually adapted curriculum.

AdA, a non-profit organisation

Joke Frima has taken the initiative to establish a non-profit organisation that is committed to promoting skill-based art education. She is not alone in this, a select group of colleagues and art-lovers support Frima in this initiative and have committed themselves to becoming founder members of the association. Here you will find the list of co-founders alongside a short biography. Many of them are former students of the legendary Studio Simi as was Joke Frima and many have been active as contemporary realists for many years. The majority of the co-founders will also play their role as guest or part-time instructors.

AdA, Art d’Apprendre

Joke Frima lives in Burgundy, France and she has established her organisation there. That is why the Association has a French name: Art d’Apprendre (skill-based art).

Overturn misconception 

The name of the Association arose from the misconception that drawing and painting cannot be learned. Joke wants to challenge this way of thinking. It is her conviction that she can disprove this myth.

Joke Frima explains: “Visitors to my studio or to my exhibitions, almost without exception, utter the following cry:” Oh how cleverly done, I could never do that.
If I object and say that if they had the right training they would be able to actually achieve something. Then this is denied with great force almost immediately. The idea that drawing and painting cannot be learned is widely held. Drawing and painting can be taught and learned. Nobody can become a great artist through just good training. But many can become competent painters. Whether they are going to do great things with Their artistic skills depends entirely on themselves, no teacher can do that.
In comparison, almost everyone can learn to play the piano, but certainly not everyone can become a concert pianist.”

A lot of practice combined with expert feedback

AdA offers a three year full-time programme of skill based training.  A lot of practice is needed to acquire skill. It is a lot of practice combined with expert feedback that creates high-quality expertise.
The skill-based training is in the first place acquiring drawing skills. This acquired ability forms the basis for the study of painting.